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Which smartphone should I buy?

Posted by admin | Posted in Themes | Posted on 22-01-2009

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I commute a lot during the course of my work so using a laptop becomes very irritating as the battery dies after 3 hrs of usage. Therefore, I’m looking for a good smartphone for work. Most smartphones handle the PIM functionality very well, so I won’t discuss them here. I need the following two functionalities:

1. I listen to a lot of podcasts while commuting mostly from Businessweek and other magazines. Can any smartphone automatically download updated podcasts or do i need to sync it with my PC?
2. I read a lot of websites. I usually save webpages on my laptop and read them while commuting (wireless internet is still very expensive in India :( ). Is it possible to save webpages in html and view them on a smartphone?

3. A decent camera, even 1.3 mgapixels will do.

I have shortlisted the following phones,

1. Treo series –
Now, only the Treo 650 and 680 are officially available in India. I can get the 700 and 750 off the grey markets. Which model should I look

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