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New Sony Hack Nabs User Data of 2000 Customers

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Another day, another hack attack against Sony.

More than 2000 users of Sony Ericsson’s Canadian Website are impacted by the latest hack attack to hit a battle worn Sony. According to Sony hackers made off with e-mail addresses, passwords and phone numbers–but no credit card details. Sony has now shut down the affected site.

Around 1000 of the stolen records from the Sony Canadian Website are already online, posted by Idahc, a “Lebanese grey-hat hacker”. Sony Ericsson is joint mobile phone venture between Sony and Ericsson.

“Sony Ericsson’s Website in Canada, which advertises its products, has been hacked, affecting 2000 people,” a Sony spokesperson told AFP. “Their personal information was posted on a Website called The Hacker News. The information includes registered names, email addresses and encrypted passwords. But it does not include credit card information.”

“Sony Ericsson has disabled this e-commerce Website,” Sony detailed to IDG News. “We can confirm that this is a standalone website and it is not connected to Sony Ericsson servers.” For security, Sony has shut down the Canadian Sony Ericsson eShop page, which currently reads: “D’oh! The page you’re looking for has gone walkabout. Sorry.”

The news of the Canadian site attack comes just one day after Sony admitted hackers attacked on Tuesday the Sony BMG Greece website, where details of over 8,500 people were stolen. A Sony Music Entertainment page in Indonesia was also hacked at the weekend, but Sony believes not information was stolen.

More than 100 million account details were stolen from Sony last month in a cyber attack of the PlayStation Network, which has returned to normal operation in the U.S. and Europe, but not in Asia (after more than a month of downtime).

Sony doesn’t know yet whether the recent incidents have any link to the attacks on the PlayStation network. Sony hopes to fully restore the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services by the end of May, but the massive data breach is expected to cost the company at least $ 170 million.

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Sony Hackers Take Canada

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Sony PlayStation 3 Hack Apparently it’s still “cool” to hack anything to do with Sony.

On Tuesday, Sony Ericsson Canada’s eShop, an online store for mobile phones and accessories, was breached, exposing the personal details of thousands of users. Sony Ericsson has disabled the website and claims it was not conncted to any Sony Ericsson servers.

“On 24 May, Sony Ericsson can confirm that it experienced a security breach of an externally hosted website in Canada,” said a spokesperson. “As a result, approximately 2000 customer records, including first name, last name, email addresses and the hash of the encrypted passwords were obtained by an outside party.

“No additional personal or credit card details have been compromised.”

This is the tenth known Sony hack since attacks against the Sony PlayStation Network and Qriocity online services in early April. According to The Hacker News, the personal details of a thousand users in Canada were exposed and posted not only on Pastebin, a storage ground for text files mostly used by programmers, but in users’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. Lebanese hacker “Idahc” claimed responsibility for the attack.

Yesterday we reported that Sony Music Japan’s site was breached through an SQL injection; on Sunday the personal details of users of the Sony Music Greece website were posted. Hackers also managed to infiltrate Sony’s subsidiary ISP, So-net Entertainment Corp., and make off with around $ 1,225 in redeemable gift points; another hack launched a phishing site on one of Sony’s servers in Thailand.

As a result, Sophos security consultant Chester Wisniewski recently wrote in a blog post that “there is an enormous target on Sony’s back.”

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Sony Ericsson T280i – a Combination of Wonderful Features and Good Looks

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Sony Ericsson has taken another big step. The company has launched its latest phone in the market. The phone is form the walkman series and is called the Sony Ericsson T280i. The Sony Ericsson T280i phone has a 3G technology. This makes it possible for the users to make video calls as well as enable them for conferencing. This way the users can see the face of the person they are talking to over the phone.

These days, this the most, popular way of staying in touch, with the friends and the loved ones. Considering this the brands There are many more features like media- browsing interface that helps you browse your favorite music on the Internet from Sony Ericsson T280i itself. The phone also has a built in sensor motion technology for both games and music. Sony Ericsson T280i is also backed with a strong suit of the mobile connectivity features like Bluetooth and USB. Both of these features are responsible for the transferring of data from your phone to other Bluetooth devices.

The design of the Sony Ericsson T280i is also very attractive. It is very slim with the dimensions of 12.5 mm thickness and the total weight of this phone is 86 grams only. It is a slider phone that is available in two very attractive colors Nobel Black and Hearty Red. The phone has a large TFT display of 2.4 inches. It is a QVGA display that makes the phone suitable to watch videos along with playing games in the landscape mode or viewing. Sony Ericsson T280i also has an automatic light sensor that adjusts the color of the screen when the lightning conditions are different. The keypad of this phone is also very user friendly and helps you type text messages easily.

Sony Ericsson T280i also has a Walkman button that makes you to listen to your favorite music with much convenience. Along with the edge technology, the music access has become faster. The phone also has a built-in a motion sensor this is responsible to allow you to control the playback of music just by shaking the phone. It also changes the orientation of the screen. The phone has very powerful battery that gives 9 hours of nonstop talk time with up to 400 hours of standby time. So, go and have a look at it!

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The New Sony Ericsson W760i – the Phone With an Integrated Music Player

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Sony Ericsson is one of the major names in the mobile phone industry. All over the world many mobile user swear by the brand name. The brand has recently won accolades with its walkman series phones. The latest to join the series is the Sony Ericsson W760i. It has rose to the highest position in the popularity charts in a very short time period. The Sony Ericsson W760i has got many accolades for its slider design and futuristic looks. The phone is also very good to touch as it has a tactile finish. This lens it some elegance. The Sony Ericsson W760i has an integrated music player that is really wonderful. The phone has various multimedia capabilities that can impress even the harshest critics. The phone also has an easy to use fuzzy interface. Also the sound and picture quality of the phone is more than impressive.

Coming back to the music, the Sony Ericsson W760i guarantee complete satisfactions for the music aficionados. The phone has some dedicated buttons to access the music player. It also has a graphic equalizer. The equalizer can fine tune the sound quality. This makes the sound suitable for all types of preferences. The phone also has wonderful in built speakers to take the experience on a new high altogether. The Sony Ericsson W760i has an advanced feature only found in the Sony walkman series phones. It has advanced capabilities that help to recognize music. The recognization capabilities are a result of the TrackID software. An unknown song can be recorded and played for a few seconds. This way the handset would provide some information related to the song’s name, the name of the artist, the album’s name.

Last but not the least along with wonderful music player the Sony Ericsson W760i also features an integrated 2 mega-pixel digital camera. The camera produces good pictures in favorable lighting conditions.The Sony Ericsson W760i has everything what it takes to attract the youth. Therefore the Sony Ericsson W760i is perfect for every music loving youth who want to carry a smart sleek handset with all amazing features.

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Sony Ericsson K750i: Connect, Click and Do More

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Modern mobile phones are exemplary in their consummate range of features. With the passage of time, they are getting more and more innovative and user friendly to live up to the ever-increasing expectations of the mobile phone users. The Sony Ericsson K750i is yet another superb handset from the Sony Ericsson. Just grab one K750i and go on exploring amazing features, which would surely leave you bewitched. The Sony Ericsson K750i has it all to give you tremendous picture quality. Just open the flip of your K750i and get ready to catch all the action either in pictures or in videos. You can also make the best of your leisure time with its music player and FM radio. If that is all you always want in your mobile phone then the Sony Ericsson K750i is there for you.

While considering the looks, the Sony Ericsson K750i is another extension in the highly popular designs of its predecessors, the T610, T630, and K700i. As far as latest camera features are concerned, the Sony Ericsson K750i is concerned, it continues the trend of the S700i, which is the very first camera phone from the Sony Ericsson, which broke the one-megapixel mark.

However, the Sony Ericsson K750i is sleek in form; available in small, black and sturdy design. On the flip side, there is a lens cover, which acts as a protection shield for the 2-megapixel camera. You just need to move the flip and it would activate its camera. There is a shutter button, which is located on the right-hand side of the phone. Undoubtedly, all these features would give you feel, as if you are using a digital cameraand so it is. Once you are done with the clicking, then, slide its brushed metal lens cover and automatically its camera mode gets deactivated.

Connect effortlessly and effectively with your Sony K750i. With this superb gizmo, you get easy access to mobile Internet. Its WAP service enables you to do many interesting things like browsing, chatting and many more as per your preferences. All these excellent features are supported by K750i’s substantial battery life. Stay connected and do loads of things with your Sony Ericsson K750i.

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Sony Ericsson W850i: Loose yourself in the Incredible World of Music

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Sony Ericsson mobile phones are known worldwide for their innovative features and styles. Its new Walkman series have already earned a following across the globe and it also forces other mobile phone companies to come up with Music phones. Well, now-a-days, music mobile phones have become a buzz and mobile phone users are looking forward to have any of these mobile phones. Well, the Sony Ericsson W850i is another superb presentation from the Sony Ericsson, which is specifically designed for the music lovers.

By introducing, the Sony Ericsson W850i Walkman phone, the Sony Ericsson came up with the very first 3G sliding phone. You can enjoy all sort of music, as you like. The Sony Ericsson W850i brings together fabulous sound and vibrant looks, and this device literally acts as a portable music encyclopaedia, as it gives you liberty to download all your favourite stuff. To add more, the Sony Ericsson W850i also comes with an unique TrackID feature, which would give you detailed information about the song and artist.

You can treasure all your favourite music in your Sony Ericsson W850i, as this cool gizmo is configured for operator over the air or OTA music download services, which would let you download all your kind of music or tunes as swiftly as possible, whenever you want. Moreover, it does accept the other popular music formats comprising of eAAC+, which significantly reduces the download time. The Sony Ericsson W850i is endowed with 1GB Memory Stick, which can store up to 1,000 songs in eAAC+ formats. You can easily expand its memory by using an extra memory stick.

It is because of its improved graphics, the Sony Ericsson W850i comes with an intuitive and easy to use interface. Thus, the user gets soothing visual experience. You can also search through music genres, albums, playlists and individual songs to get all the information about the kind of music, you are playing.

Besides tremendous music features, the Sony Ericsson W850i is also equipped with an excellent 2.0 megapixel camera for shooting on the go. Moreover, you can easily access the Internet on your Sony Ericsson W850i and browse the web swiftly.

Enjoy music and feel the ecstasy with the Sony Ericsson W850i.

Sony Ericsson W800i: Music Uninterrupted

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Bringing music in another consummate form – this time its Walkman series from the Sony Ericsson. This is yet another musical bonanza for all the music lovers, who want to feel the music to taste the ultimate ecstasy, without boundaries, without shackles. Creating a rage among music fans, the Walkman series has loads to offer to make you feel too good with your kind of music. Get all your favourite stuff and listen till you feel exhausted or lost. Being the very first member of the hugely acclaimed Walkman series – the Sony Ericsson W800i would definitely add more to your life than music only.

When it comes to music, any music lover would feel ecstatic with the kind of options he would get in the Sony Ericsson W800i. Loaded with a stupendous wealth of superb music features with MusicDJ, Mega Bass and PlayNow – you can’t ask for more. Download your music or share with your friends via Bluetooth and treasure all that stuff in its substantial space. You can also transfer your music from your favourite music CD library with the help of music transfer software. Gifted with excellent set of audio playback applications, the Sony Ericsson W800i has it all to be your perfect musical pal. Besides these cool things, it is also loaded with other features comprising of a 2.0 mega-pixel digital camera, an FM radio, and Bluetooth. Finally, its 512MB memory stick comes next in the list of outstanding features, which gives you enough space. All the cool features combine and thus comes the Sony Ericsson W800i – your music powerhouse.

Painting all your musical fantasies with Orange, the Sony Ericsson W800i comes with orange coloured casing. Making it a simpler and user-friendly gizmo, the Sony Ericsson W800i is loaded with an easy to use keypad. With weight only 100g, you can easily carry it around. Taking the very good care of your viewing experience, the Sony Ericsson W800i is endowed with a crisp and bright screen with 256K colour resolution. Thus, relish the ultimate viewing experience on your Sony Ericsson W800i. Bringing lot of music in your lives, you would certainly love the Sony Ericsson W800i.

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Sony Ericsson W950i: Play it Right…always

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The other popular members of the Walkman series are still standing tall on the demand charts, but it was not enough, as the popular duo (Sony Ericsson) once again came forth to release another music powerhouse – the Sony Ericsson W950i. Undoubtedly, the Sony Ericsson W950i epitomises the hugely popular Walkman series phones with something extra to offer. Aptly empowered by UIQ 3.0 and Symbian 9.1, the Sony Ericsson W950i is all set to usher a new era of music phones while bringing the hard times for the conventional MP3 music players.

Well, the Sony Ericsson W950i is based on the same platform as the other popular Sony Ericsson M600, but it has been further powered by various music features. The Sony Ericsson W950i is much more comfortable and convenient, as it comes with a three-way scroll wheel for navigation with a touch screen – using it is just fun. As far as memory is concerned, it would certainly leave you awestruck, as the Sony Ericsson W950i is loaded with 4GB of flash memory, which is good enough to treasure more than 4,000 tracks – undoubtedly, more than enough. Besides, its Walkman player can play music in various popular formats with MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, AAC+, and eAAC+ — you would certainly love to have this multifunctional gadget. The Sony Ericsson W950i is backed up by the new improved battery, which supplies you power to play uninterrupted music for ten hours.

The overall appearance of the Sony Ericsson W950i is based on the iconic design of the Walkman family with a blend of orange colour and mystic purple to make it a perfect enticer. It’s touch sensitive TFT QVGA display is capable to produce larger than life pictures, while supporting with colours up to 262k. Moreover, its jog-dial wheel makes entering data easier and convenient. Besides music, the Sony Ericsson W950i scores well in other features with substantial office tools and various other features like document viewer. The Sony Ericsson W950i is also a cool performer, when it comes to consummate Internet connectivity. Do various things, while indulging your senses in the ecstatic world of music with your Sony Ericsson W950i.

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Sony Ericsson W205

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  • Display: Color
  • Model Number: W205
  • Feature: MP3 Playback
  • Camera: < 3MP

Product Description
Item specifics
Display Color: Color
Model Number: k300iw205
Feature: MP3 Playback
Camera: < 3MP
Design: Bar
Technology: Dual-band
Design: Bar


General 2G Network GSM 900 / 1800
GSM 850 / 1900 -W205a
2009, March
Available. Released 2009, July
Size 92 x 47 x 16.4 mm
96 g
Display TFT, 65K colors
128 x 160 pixels, 1.8 inches
Sound Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic, MP3, AAC ringtones, composer
Memory 1000 contacts, Photo ... More >>

Sony Ericsson W610i in Black/Orange GSM Unlocked Cell Phone

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  • GSM 850 / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
  • Walkman 2.0 Music Player, T9, TrackID, FM Radio, Image Viewer, Picture Editor / Blogging
  • 2.0 Megapixel Camera with Video, Flash, Autofocus
  • External M2 Memory Support
  • Bluetooth v2.0 A2DP, USB, Infrared Port, EDGE, HSCSD, GPRS

Product Description
Sony Ericsson W610i in Black/Orange GSM Unlocked Cell Phone
Model: w610iblackorange

Condition: New

W610i is a phone with quality Walkman player that transforms the phone into a powerful portable music machine. Enjoy one-click access to your music tracks via the walkman key. Tune in to your favorite station with the FM radio. Or stick to your own tracks – transfer from PC and store on Memory Stick MicroTM (M2TM). A 512 MB unit is include… More >>

A Feat-ure Phone: Sony Ericsson W300i

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Sony Ericsson W300i is by no means a basic handset if we consider its various departments and tools incorporated but for the imaging technology. One fails to understand motive of the manufacturers Sony Ericsson in doing so. Nevertheless, Sony Ericsson W300i makes a wonderful mobile phone handset, branded as a ‘Walkman’ series phone which is very much in continuation with various other Walkman mobile phones. Let us pay a cursory but attentive glance on the strengths and weaknesses on Sony Ericsson W300i.

This one is a compact and light weight mobile phone in flap design. Due to its GSM QuadBand technology, the W300i is capable of global roaming which may help its cause in the global market. Another extraordinary feature is the talk time of up to 9 hrs. Truly speaking, this is one aspect of mobile telephony which should be looked at more sincerely as it directly affects the consumers in more ways than one. On this note, Sony Ericsson W300i has done a commendable job and this should propel its cause further.

The display on this phone is a rather ordinary 128 x 160 pixels, though TFT, 256K colours screen may bring in some satisfaction. The 0.3 megapixels VGA camera is another basic level inclusion. These two features compel the viewer to think Sony Ericsson W300i could have been treated a little better in the imaging department to stay in sync with other features.

Having mentioned what goes missing, let us get back to features which make Sony Ericsson W300i such a desired device. Memory upgrade facility which can go up to 1 GB takes care of any doubts whatsoever indicating it to be just another basic handset. Data transfer/connectivity tools further corroborate this fact with a wider acceptability as Sony Ericsson W300i is equipped with options in this category to meet ends effectively. Though 3G and Wi-Fi are not a part of this package, the manufacturers never pitched the Sony Ericsson W300i at the high end of the mobile phone market.

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Sony Ericsson W800i – a Part of the Sony Ericsson W Series

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Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications is known for its music phones. People, with a musical bent of mind, generally prefer to use the handsets fabricated by this manufacturer. This way, they get to listen to their favorite songs, as and when they want to! They can also cater to their communication needs in an efficient and reliable manner. The Sony Ericsson W Series, include many such mobile phones with advanced mobile music options. One of the flagship products from this range is the Sony Ericsson W800i.

The Sony Ericsson W800i is a walkman branded mobile phone that comes with an in-built music player and sophisticated music management software. The music transfer software allows for easy and quick transfer of music from CDs to the handset. In addition, the W800i handset comes with six of the top songs to initiate a person to the mobile music experience!

A 2-megapixel digital camera with capabilities for video recording is another key feature of this mobile phone model. An owner of the mobile phone can use the imaging options to capture some his most memorable moments for posterity. He can also send the pictures as MMS messages to his family and friends. The internal memory of the Sony Ericsson W800i is supported by 1 GB of expandable memory. So, there is quite a lot of memory to store all the songs, images and video clips. The Sony Ericsson W800i is easy to use. The handset is also Bluetooth compatible.

Leading network service providers, in the UK for instance, have realized the importance of mobile phones from the Sony Ericsson W Series. They are therefore offering attractive contract deals on the use of the W800i and other handsets from this series. The novelty of these offers is that in many such deals the handsets are offered absolutely free to subscribers. In addition, the line rentals of these deals are cost effective. Free gifts, which are a part of many such offers, make these contract deals all the more alluring.

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Sony Ericsson K610i – More Than Just a Camera!

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When we talk about camera phone, most of us think of Sony Ericsson ‘K series’. As this genre of phones has aptly imbibed the latest multimedia features, along with trendy designs. The Sony Ericsson K610i is one such mobile under the highly popular category of mobile phone that has made a mark with its sheer ergonomics and good looks.

The Sony Ericsson K610i is a revised version of Sony Ericsson K508i. The handset is a sophisticated slim gadget. The keypad comes with a metallic body, neatly etched and with perfect finish. The size of the keys is just right to enable the users to type speedily, and without any hassle. While the colourful screen can display a host of colours, enabling pleasurable viewing of pictures.

Sony Ericsson K610i’s prowess lies in its imaging capability. The gadget has 2Megapixels camera with auto focus and zoom. The users can take pictures from their desired angel, or even go to an extent of customizing and editing the pictures. Further, Sony Ericsson K610i also has a video recorder, to record, clip and stream video. More in its store of ‘fun with pictures’, the Sony Ericsson K610i comes along with a plethora of choicest wallpapers and screen savers. The users can change the look and feel of their gadget, as per the mood, style, occasion and requirement.

Apart from being a photographer’s delight, the Sony Ericsson K610i is also a musical sensation. The handset is empowered with a good music player that can play all popular music formats. Further, to make one’s own style of music, one can take advantage of some of the popular features like Music DJ, PlayNow, MegaBass etc.

Sony Ericsson K610i’s USP lies in its camera; still the phone also scores high for its connectivity and additional features. The handset is 3G empowered. This means it offers all the latest features and functionalities to take care of one’s personal and professional needs. Besides, Sony Ericsson K610i includes the advantage of Bluetooth, Infrared, GPRS and more.

Sony Ericsson K610i offers a talk time of 7 hours and provides 400 hours of standby.

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Sony Ericsson W580i Unlocked Quadband Phone

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  • Quad-band: GSM 850 / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
  • Walkman 2.0 Music Player, T9, TrackID, FM Radio, Pedometer, Calories Counter
  • 2.0 Megapixel Camera with Video
  • External M2 Memory Support
  • Bluetooth v2.0 A2DP, USB, EDGE, HSCSD, GPRS

Product Description
Brand Type
Form factor Slide
GSM Network GPRS, GSM, Edge
Service 900, 1800, 1900, 850
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP
Wi-Fi (WLAN) no
Infrared yes
USB yes
Fax / Data no
Main Display Color TFT
Color Display 262.144 colors
Resolution 176×220 pixels
External display no
Internal Memory no
Storage Types MemoryStick Micro
External memory (UPTO) 2GB
Memory slots 1
Battery Lithium Ion
Standby time 375 hours
Talk time 9 h… More >>

Sony Ericsson W850i : Inspired Imaging Made Easy

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Though Sony Ericsson already had a 2.0 megapixel camera phone in its K series portfolio – the Sony Ericsson K750i, however, the aspiration of giving their customer an option of a mid ranged Cyber Shot camera phone had lead to the production of the Sony Ericsson W850i . With the competitively priced Sony Ericsson W850i, its manufacturers have widened the target customer base of Cyber Shot camera phones. This handset with highly evolved imaging tools and applications like Adobe Photoshop Album and pre-configured Picture Blogging settings is likely to give tough competitions to other camera phones in the same price bracket.

The Sony Ericsson W850i is of simple candy bar form, currently available in Jet Black and Pearl White casing. Small tactile keys used in this mobile phone are sleek to look and equally easy to use as they are well spaced out. The Sony Ericsson W850i is fitted with a large TFT based screen that can produce more than 262 thousand colours. The handset is 14 mm thick and weights just 85 grams, thereby is easy on any of your pockets.

Being a K series, Cyber Shot phone, there was a lot of pressure on the Sony Ericsson W850i about its imaging prowess. The 2.0 megapixel camera used in the Sony Ericsson W850i proved its worth with awe inspiring images that it shoots. Presence of autofocus, digital zoom, integrated flash and many such imaging aids and tools makes sure that every time you hit the camera button, you get the best possible photographs. The camera module supports video recording too at a good 15 frames per second.

But just a good camera is not what the Sony Ericsson W850i is all about. This quad band phone supports all four GSM bands across the world. From EDGE and GPRS technology to WAP 2.0/xHTML browser – the Sony Ericsson W850i has it all to connect you to the world, no matter wherever you are. Mobile imaging, mobile music, mobile gaming, mobile internet – the Sony Ericsson W850i is a master of all these and many more.

Sony Ericsson W850i .

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