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Can any body give me some advice on a really good sony ericsson mobile

I am looking for a sony ericsson phone what has a flash camera, bluetooth, MP3 PLAYER, under £200Content by Alvisa Rizky

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New Blackberry Pearl 8120 Unlocked Black Emerald WIFI GSM Phone

Posted by admin | Posted in Blackberry | Posted on 15-02-2011

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Product Description
Factory Refurbished Blackberry 8120 WIFI Unlocked, All original OEM Accessories. Charger, Data Cable, Headset, Cd in the Box. (Grey Color)… More >>

GTMax 3 Replacement Trackballs for BlackBerry 8350i Curve Nextel / 8110 Pearl / 8330 Curve / 8120 Pearl / 8130 Pearl / 8310 Curve / 8320 Curve / 8820 / 8300 Curve / 8830 / 8800 / 8100 Pearl

Posted by admin | Posted in Blackberry | Posted on 16-01-2011

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Product Description
Brand new generic trackballReplace your scratched, lost, defective or broken trackballRestore your cell phones functionality with the new trackballSimply pry out the chrome ring with a thin flat bladed screwdriver tip, replace the old track ball with this new one firmlyPackage includes: trackball and retaining ringUPC Code:088515738939… More >>

Otterbox Impact Case for Blackberry Pearl 9100

Posted by admin | Posted in Blackberry | Posted on 11-01-2011

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  • Durable silicone case in black
  • Added bump, drop, and shock protection
  • Sleek, slim fit
  • Inner Coring Dissipates Shock Away From Device
  • Allows Access To All Buttons, Ports & Features

Product Description
Otterbox Impact Skin, 9100, Black… More >>

Wireless Xcessories Replacement Trackball for BlackBerry 8100 Pearl, 8120, 8130 Pearl 2, 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330 Curve, 8800, 8820, 8830, 8800, 8900 Curve Javelin, 9000 Bold

Posted by admin | Posted in Blackberry | Posted on 20-11-2010

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  • Replace a lost trackball or one that has stopped moving in one or all directions
  • RIM: BlackBerry 8100 Pearl, BlackBerry 8120 / 8130 Pearl 2, BlackBerry 8300 / 8310 / 8320 / 8330 Curve, BlackBerry 8800 / 8820 / 8830 (8800c Indigo), Blackberry 8900 Curve Javelin, BlackBerry 9000 Bold

Product Description
Orange Blackberry Replacement Trackball – Bulk… More >>

External Battery Charger Cradle for BlackBerry Pearl Curve 8330 8350i 8520 8530 BB8100CHAGBAT02

Posted by admin | Posted in Blackberry | Posted on 06-10-2010

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  • Use for charging cellphone battery. The charger will automatically work when you insert the battery
  • If the charger is powered without inserting the battery the red indicator light will turn on
  • Light will automatically turn off when battery charging is complete
  • Great for those who use 2 or more cell phone batteries – Keep all your batteries charged and ready
  • Will Charge your Blackberry CS-2 CS2 C-M2 C-S1 model battery

Product Description
Similar to a charging cradle or pod, this External Battery Charger Cradle charges your extra cell phone battery without the need to put your battery in the phone. Sometimes, just having and extra battery isn’t enough and the External Battery Charger Cradle will keep you powered. Plugs directly into a wall outlet without a cord. Folding blades makes this battery charger both compact and portable. Red light indicates charging status or power supplied if no battery is … More >>

Blackberry Pearl 8100 8220 Flip CM2 Battery

Posted by admin | Posted in Blackberry | Posted on 23-09-2010

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  • Genuine OEM Replacement

Product Description
This is a genuine OEM Replacement battery. Fully functional and tested…. More >>

BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Refurbished Unlocked Phone with Camera and MicroSD Slot–International Version with 60-Day Warranty

Posted by admin | Posted in Blackberry | Posted on 11-08-2010

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  • This unlocked cell phone is compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. Not all carrier features may be supported. It will not work with CDMA carriers like Verizon Wireless, Alltel and Sprint.
  • Unlocked quad-band GSM cell phone compatible with 850/900/1800/1900 frequencies and GPRS/EDGE data capabilities
  • Refurbished to factory standards and backed by 60-day warranty; SureType hybrid numeric/QWERTY keypad
  • Push email delivery from up to 10 email accounts (personal and corporate); 1.3-megapixel camera/camcorder; MicroSD expansion; Bluetooth for handsfree devices
  • Up to 3.5 hours of talk time, up to 240 hours (10 days) of standby time; measures 4.2 x 1.97 x 0.55 inches (HxWxD)

Product Description
Blackberry Pearl 8100 Unlocked GSM Cell Phone The BlackBerry Pearl 8100 smartphone is one of the world’s smallest smartphones and packs all of the power of BlackBerry. It comes complete with digital camera, multimedia capabilities and expandable memory. And it offers users everything else they would expect from a BlackBerry device — including phone, email, web browser, text messaging (SMS and MMS), instant messaging, organizer applications and more. The BlackBe… More >>

BlackBerry Charging Pod for 8100, 8110, 8120, 8130 Pearl

Posted by admin | Posted in Blackberry | Posted on 21-07-2010

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  • Combines with any travel or data cable charger to charge and/or sync with a BlackBerry smartphone
  • Display smartphone while recharging, taking calls, watching videos or listening to music
  • LED 2-colour indicators identify whether smartphone is charging or charged

Product Description
Display, sync, and recharge your BlackBerry smartphone in the office or at home with the help of the BlackBerry desktop Charging Pod. Conveniently position your handheld for speakerphone calls, watching movies, or listening to music – while winding a charger behind the Charging Pod to re-power and/or a data cable to your handheld’s USB port for syncing. The charger includes two LED 2-colour indicators – through the BlackBerry logo on the front of the Pod and on its … More >>

BlackBerry 8220 Flip Pearl Unlocked Phone , GPRS, EDGE, and 2 MP Camera–International Version with No Warranty

Posted by admin | Posted in Blackberry | Posted on 14-06-2010

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  • Wifi
  • Quadband 850/900/1800/1900
  • Unlocked GSM

Product Description
Unlocked GSM 850/900/1800/1900; Blackberry’s first clamshell smartphone with dual LCD screens and SureType hybrid numeric/QWERTY keypad; Wi-Fi capabilities for T-Mobile’s Hotspot @Home service for unlimited nationwide calls; compatible with T-Mobile’s MyFaves service; Connect with up to 10 personal and work email accounts; 2.0-megapixel camera; Bluetooth stereo music; MicroSD memory expansion up to 16 GB; Up to 4 hours of talk time, up to 360 hours (15 days) of stan… More >>

BlackBerry Original Car Charger for BlackBerry Pearl 8220, Gemini 8520, Curve 8900, Storm2 9520, Storm 9530,Tour 9630, Bold 9700

Posted by admin | Posted in Blackberry | Posted on 30-05-2010

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  • Original car charger that fits most in-vehicle power port sockets
  • High performance charger that safely rapid charge your phone
  • Easy, convenient way to charge your phone or PDA battery in a vehicle when you are on the go
  • Packs the power you need to charge your mobile phone while driving
  • Compatible with: BlackBerry 8100, Gemini 8520, Curve 8900, Flip 8220, Storm 9530, Stom 9500, Bold 9700, Tour 9630

Product Description
This original High Performance Car Charger has a quality, durable coil cord for extendable reach and use. Small and lightweight for convenience, portability and storage. Fits most in-vehicle power port sockets. Provides power to your phone while simultaneously charging your phone’s battery. The battery will be charged within two to three hours. Safe for all cellular phone battery types, including NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion and Li-Polymer…. More >>

BlackBerry Micro USB Vehicle Charger for BlackBerry 8900, Tour 9630, Storm, Pearl Flip, BlackBerry Bold 2

Posted by admin | Posted in Blackberry | Posted on 26-05-2010

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  • High performance charger that safely rapid charge your phone
  • Packs the power you need to charge your mobile phone

Product Description
When you’re on the road, a fully charged BlackBerry smartphone is more than a convenience – it’s a necessity. And now it’s easier than ever to keep your smartphone fully charged, virtually wherever you go.. Just plug the BlackBerry Micro-USB Vehicle Power Adapter into your car’s power adaptor (“cigarette lighter”) and, like other BlackBerry smartphone chargers, it charges your smartphone rapidly, and helps preserve the life of your battery. Then tuck it away in your… More >>

Blackberry Pearl 8100 – the Small, Compact, Smartphone

Posted by admin | Posted in Blackberry | Posted on 18-03-2010

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Blackberry Pearl 8100

A great looking smart phone with a small and compact frame that is the Blackberry Pearl for you. The stunning design complements brilliantly the innovative features that come with it. Designed after three years of intensive research and testing, the Blackberry Pearl 8100 is taking care of quite a lot of user expectations.

One of the most popular features of the Blackberry Pearl 8100 is its ease of use. The handset comes with an intuitive user interface, featuring a pearl like navigation system.

The display of the Blackberry Pearl 8100 is breath taking, to say the least. The vivid display with more than 65,000 colors makes for great images. The incorporation of light sensing technology ensures that there is automatic adjustment of the brightness of screen and keypad. One could use the Pearl 8100 from Blackberry for browsing through the web. As a matter of fact, the handset is specially designed to be of great use on high speed EDGE networks.

One could listen to pulsating audio and video tracks in different popular formats. It is possible to use the 1.3 megapixel digital camera with 5x digital zoom and in-built flash to create fond memories. The images and other content can then be sent to compatible handsets through MMS, email or blackberry messenger. Owners could download wallpapers, games and applications and make this mobile phone a reflection of their persona.

Moreover, storing the images and other content is not a problem the large integrated memory expandable by MicroSD cards ensures that there is enough room for everything.

So, what are you waiting for? Avail of attractive offers; acquire the Blackberry Pearl 8100 mobile phone at industry leading costs and use it to do some of the things that you had always wanted to do.

Have a look at Blackberry Pearl 8100 .

Blackberry Pearl 8100: Sleek, Elegant Smartphone

Posted by admin | Posted in Blackberry | Posted on 18-03-2010

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Great looking smart phone with loads to offers, this is the Blackberry Pearl 8100 for you. The superb design adds more to its value, as it does come with stunning features, to make things easier for you. This compatible design came after an intensive research of three years with rigorous testing to cater to the needs and desires of the mobile phone users, which are looking forward for some superb features. One striking feature that makes Blackberry Pearl 8100 hugely popular is its intuitive and user friendly keyboard. It does come with superb interface with a very good navigation system.

As far as display of the Blackberry Pearl 8100 is concerned, its is simply amazing. Its vivid display comes with more than 65,000 colours, which is quite appropriate to give you great viewing experience. Furthermore, it incorporates light sensing technology, which helps in automatic adjustment and also gives brightness to keypad and screen. Even its possible to browse through the web with Blackberry Pearl 8100. In fact, the Blackberry Pearl 8100 is very well designed to make the maximum use of the high speed EDGE networks.

With the Blackberry Pearl 8100 , one can easily listen to his kind of music, as this handset is loaded with excellent music features. You can also take quality pictures with its 1.3 mega pixel digital camera assisted by its 5x digital zoom and in-built flash. You can send images and multimedia content via MMS, email or blackberry messenger. Moreover, you can download wallpapers, applications and games, as per your preferences and interests.

Furthermore, you can store images and other content. It also comes with an integrated memory, which can be expanded easily by using MicroSD cards, which give you enough space to store all kind of right stuff. You can search the Internet to get the Blackberry Pearl on attractive deals, as most of the mobile phone dealers offers these deals to attract more and more customers.

Blackberry Pearl

Blackberry Pearl – Its Too Hard to Ignore

Posted by admin | Posted in Blackberry | Posted on 18-03-2010

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Whenever we mention ‘Blackberry’, what comes to mind is a big hand-held in the hand of people in business suits. This image have created a niche for Blackberry in the mobile market. Though the company was able to make an impression in the business class, its potential as a mass solution remained unexplored. There were much talk about taking the Blackberry out of the boardroom.

In a much awaited move, the company is venturing into the mass consumer market with a sleeker and much lighter model – the Blackberry Pearl . Apart from Blackberry’s traditional stronghold – mobile email, the latest model have a mp3 player, a camera and also supports memory cards. This is the first time the company have included any of these features in any handset. The phone dimension too is not typical to other Blackberry models but is narrower and surprisingly lighter at 89.5 grams.

Easy user interface is one of the high points of the Blackberry Pearl . The scroll wheel has been replaced by a miniature white trackball which is very convenient once you’re used to it. The device also sport a ‘convenience key’, which can be programmed as you wish. 1.3-megapixel snapper, though not the best integrated camera ever, is very handy and creates decent pictures. They have done a great job with the built in media player, considering it is their first time. It supports MP3, MIDI, AMR NB, AAC, AAC+ & eAAC+ formats. The handset have 64 MB in built Flash memory to carry your files apart from the external memory card option.

The quad-band handset with GPRS and EDGE gives you the unique ‘mobile email’ experience. The QWERTY Keyboard makes data entry easier and faster. You can download and view files in either Word, Excel, Power-Point or PDF format through document viewer.

With the Blackberry Pearl , it is always fun to work.
Blackberry Pearl

Blackberry Pearl: the Precious One..

Posted by admin | Posted in Blackberry | Posted on 17-03-2010

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While the other handsets manufacturers are venturing into multimedia, music and other features, BlackBerry never lost it’s popularity with its business oriented phones. And, the way things are moving on, BlackBerry has very well consolidated its position among innumerable handsets. On the other hand, BlackBerry has been consistently adding some remarkable features in its forthcoming gadgets to live up to the expectations of millions of users. It has been an eventful journey for BlackBerry and it has very well carved a niche for itself in the ever-evolving world of mobile phones. After releasing some of it’s highly efficient gadgets, BlackBerry came up with the BlackBerry Pearl –which is as good as any dream gizmo can be.

Like its predecessors, the BlackBerry Pearl also offer various compatible features to bring that desired easiness in your lives. On the other hand, it has been diligently designed to make it an easy to use device. Hence, it is equipped with a very good user interface and a navigation system –get easy access to all the desired functions. It has a well carved keypad with all the essential keys –you would not miss anything. Moreover, it’s sleek dimensions make it an easy to carry device, as you can easily hold it to make the maximum use of superb features.

Enjoy a desired viewing experience on its big 2.2 inch TFT screen, which can support up to 65K colours. Besides, it is also endowed with a light-sensing technology, which easily adjusts the brightness on the screen as per the outer conditions. You can enjoy four way scrolling with its trackball, which is fitted below the screen. To have some fun in your mobile life, you can enjoy photography with its 1.3 mega pixel camera or music on its MP3 player. Surely, the BlackBerry Pearl has it all to be your compatible pal for fun and work. For more information of Blackberry Mobile Phones Please visit our site.