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Sony Ericsson W595i QuadBand Walkman Cellular Phone – 3.15MP Camera W595 – International Version with No Warranty

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Future of Tech: Huge Screens, ARM Servers, Geosocial Everywhere

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A new “geosocial” app called Sonar is getting the attention of Steve Peltzman, CIO of the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

The app, which is loaded on his iPhone, combines location information with Twitter and Facebook networks, creating an opportunity for making connections. “It will be able to tell us who is in the museum right now,” Peltzman said.

Some might see this capability as potentially creepy, and Peltzman is aware of social media’s downside. But he sees a way to make it work, as well as a need to use the kinds of capabilities Sonar and others will offer.

Participating in social media is critical, Peltzman said. “If you want to be a business leader today, you have to be on it,” he said.

Peltzman meets regularly with social media developers, investors and authors to get a sense of future trends for social networking.

Frank Gillett, an analyst at Forrester, is also focused on the future and is forecasting some of the changes in hardware over the next five years. Both he and Peltzman made presentations at Forrester’s IT Forum here.

“Hardware innovation will continue to rile the tech ecosystems through 2016, forcing software and services strategists to adjust continuously,” Gillett said. “We are entering a period of significant turmoil.”

Here are some of their predictions:

Data center diversity will increase

The “Wintel” monoculture will see increasing pushback from application-specific servers. Oracle’s Sparc-based Exadata Storage Server is one example. “There will be a growing category of application-specific boxes,” which may or may not have x86 chips in them, Gillett said.

GPU chips, which are good for highly repetitive parallel compute tasks, will also gain traction. Gillett also expects ARM chips to enter the server market, with tiny, low-power 64-bit processors that, for the right workloads, will be more efficient than x86 systems. One company working on low-power ARM servers is Calxeda.

Big displays become the norm

Users will move to 27-in. and bigger displays and increasingly use two of them, expanding the desktop to the limits of peripheral range. But by 2016, the notion of what is a display will change as well and will include opportunistic display technologies that, for instance, project desktops on walls, Gillett predicted.

There will also be increasing use of natural user interfaces with sensors that can detect movement, interpret facial expressions and get data on the local environment.

Minority Report-type advertising enters the scene

In the 2002 movie Minority Report, as lead actor Tom Cruise walks into a mall, his retinas are scanned to identify him, which leads to a series of personalized ads. Peltzman doesn’t believe retina scans will be utilized anytime soon, but he clearly sees the rapid approach of advertising connected to users via geolocation, with more one-to-one ads based on who you that arrive via social media networks.

Peltzman said he can imagine using Sonar to send a message to someone via a social network, such as a discount on museum membership.

Illustration: Christoph NiemanSmartphones won’t necessarily rule

The idea that the smartphone will morph into an all-purpose device doesn’t ring true with Gillett. He expects to see multiple devices and displays, and big improvements in the PC. He is expecting hybrid PCs that use SSDs to speed the system, but disks as well. This blending of storage with the system will require application changes to take advantage of it, he said.

Social media’s relationship to the bottom line comes into focus

MoMA has made social media a key IT direction and has a Web page devoted to all of its networking links, including a Flickr group for people to upload photos they have taken at the museum.

It has more than 750,000 fans on Facebook and 582,000 followers on Twitter.

To help manage its social networking, the museum’s IT and marketing departments share an employee who reports to both.

But Peltzman said it isn’t easy to show how social networking generates money. Using social media for direct funding efforts can undermine it, he argues.

That also makes it difficult to tell the business exactly how much value is delivered by social media. But he believes that in time, analytical tools will arrive that can show how social media does contribute.

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Nokia N95 8gb: Innovation With a Huge Heart Inside

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Roomy and robust, Nokia N95 8GB is a gadget lover’s delight. The manufacturer made real endeavours to bring it as close to perfection as possible by incorporating features way above in excellence as any other mobile phone of its kind.

The connoisseurs of the gadget world will definitely agree that Nokia is another name for perfection. The brand was one of the very first mobile phone tycoons and took no time to make a follow up of its admirers with its unbeatable performance, unique features and remarkable endurance. Questions on the quality of its deliverance never arose and till now there are people who can trust Nokia even with closed eyes. Nokia never compromises with any aspect of its phones and has maintained its standards till date.

The N-series of this brand is another flagship in this arena. The craze of a high-end all-in-one mobile phone is initiated by this series. Each new invention of this series has fresh and improved novelties that accounts for the consistently increasing supporters of this brand. The N-series exemplifies sophistication and class. When the launch of the N-Series was announced it became quite obvious that yet another Nokia giant is about to rule the market. It was when the first mobile of the series actually came into the mobile phone battle, people realised that it is not just another Nokia phone, but a spectacular piece of invention that deserves to be applauded heartily. The nokia n95 8gb is one among that over-the-top series of high-end mobile phones.

From its out-of-the-world looks to its extraordinary features, every aspect of this phone testifies that Nokia N95 8GB is not made to stand among the ordinary phones in the market. It stands out in the crowd as it is bulging with way-out features of the highest degree reached till date. For instance, the storage memory of this mobile phone is hard to find anywhere else. With a fathomless memory of 8 GB, the user can take along a whole vast world of his favourite tracks, videos and pictures. The memory never gets exhausted.

The Nokia N95 8GB gives a range of features to share, exchange and download data and cram this 8 GB internal memory with your never ending desires. The Bluetooth v2.0 lets you make merry with your friends by sharing your best pictures and videos.

The awe-inspiring features of this phone don’t end at the vast memory. This phone has a calibre of a mini PC as it comes with 128 MB SDRAM with Dual ARM 11 332 MHz CPU. This gives the phone the gauge to give an unsurpassed performance. It also supports 3D Graphics and comes with a HW Accelerator.

You will find internet connectivity like never-before in the Nokia N95 with GPRS and EDGE of the highest grade (Class 32) till date. The class 32 GPRS is known to be the supreme version till now. That means you no longer have to wait endlessly for getting access to internet. The class 32 EDGE makes the connectivity and browsing swift and reliable. You can browse the web quickly with no data loss. With the nokia n95, the traumatic moments of indefinite wait to get connected to the Internet are gone. This third generation phone has HSDPA to curb out the remaining bits of connectivity delays.

Though every feature of this Nokia legend is truly amazing, yet the camera of this phone steals the show. It has a 5 MP camera giving a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. A range of add-ons makes the camera the best feature of this phone- like autofocus, view through Carl-Zeiss optics, video at 30fps and a secondary video call camera. With the TV-out port you can view your videos on your television.

The Nokia N95 8GB is full of high-class features making it extremely desirable, still it does not compromise on the battery power. The standard Li-Ion 1200mAH (BL-6F) of N95 gives an awesome back-up with nearly 6 hours talk-time and 280 hours standby time.

With launch of the Nokia N95 8 GB, Nokia has secured its position in the hearts of the gizmo-geeks for years to come.