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Philips BDH4241V Plasma TV

One of the leading manufacturers of top drawer electronic goods is the Philips firm. It has recently introduced its splendid Plasma TV model named BDH4241V. This fantastic TV is shipped with a plasma panel of the size 42 inches that ensures HD Ready picture at 1366 x 768 pixels resolution with support...

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New Sony Hack Nabs User Data of 2000 Customers

Posted by admin | Posted in Cell Phones & Plans | Posted on 25-05-2011

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Another day, another hack attack against Sony.

More than 2000 users of Sony Ericsson’s Canadian Website are impacted by the latest hack attack to hit a battle worn Sony. According to Sony hackers made off with e-mail addresses, passwords and phone numbers–but no credit card details. Sony has now shut down the affected site.

Around 1000 of the stolen records from the Sony Canadian Website are already online, posted by Idahc, a “Lebanese grey-hat hacker”. Sony Ericsson is joint mobile phone venture between Sony and Ericsson.

“Sony Ericsson’s Website in Canada, which advertises its products, has been hacked, affecting 2000 people,” a Sony spokesperson told AFP. “Their personal information was posted on a Website called The Hacker News. The information includes registered names, email addresses and encrypted passwords. But it does not include credit card information.”

“Sony Ericsson has disabled this e-commerce Website,” Sony detailed to IDG News. “We can confirm that this is a standalone website and it is not connected to Sony Ericsson servers.” For security, Sony has shut down the Canadian Sony Ericsson eShop page, which currently reads: “D’oh! The page you’re looking for has gone walkabout. Sorry.”

The news of the Canadian site attack comes just one day after Sony admitted hackers attacked on Tuesday the Sony BMG Greece website, where details of over 8,500 people were stolen. A Sony Music Entertainment page in Indonesia was also hacked at the weekend, but Sony believes not information was stolen.

More than 100 million account details were stolen from Sony last month in a cyber attack of the PlayStation Network, which has returned to normal operation in the U.S. and Europe, but not in Asia (after more than a month of downtime).

Sony doesn’t know yet whether the recent incidents have any link to the attacks on the PlayStation network. Sony hopes to fully restore the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services by the end of May, but the massive data breach is expected to cost the company at least $ 170 million.

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Is there a way to hack themes on the samsung behold?

Posted by admin | Posted in Cell Phones & Plans | Posted on 30-10-2009

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Does anyone know a way that i can either hack themes on the samsung behold or get free ones that i can upload??? Any links or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.

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Can you hack or customize your Samsung Behold to give it a better aesthetic look?

Posted by admin | Posted in Symbian | Posted on 19-05-2009

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I have the first version of the samsung behold. ITs the mocha colored one. My friend has a new one and hers is the pink one. For some reason, the icons and graphics on hers are different and look a lot better.

Does anyone know if it is possible to jailbreak your Samsung Behold and either give it custom icons or even change the design template of the behold?

I’m just tired of the bland look mine has and I want something unique.

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How do I reset or unlock an LG VX8550 Chocolate cell phone?

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I found a LG VX8550 Chocolate cell phone the other day at McDonalds parking lot. It’s locked and I have been trying to unlock it for the past month and have had no luck. Is there some way I can hack it or is there a way I can just reset it. I understand resetting it will delete all the numbers and pix and music and everything, but that’s okay.

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