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New Sony Hack Nabs User Data of 2000 Customers

Posted by admin | Posted in Cell Phones & Plans | Posted on 25-05-2011

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Another day, another hack attack against Sony.

More than 2000 users of Sony Ericsson’s Canadian Website are impacted by the latest hack attack to hit a battle worn Sony. According to Sony hackers made off with e-mail addresses, passwords and phone numbers–but no credit card details. Sony has now shut down the affected site.

Around 1000 of the stolen records from the Sony Canadian Website are already online, posted by Idahc, a “Lebanese grey-hat hacker”. Sony Ericsson is joint mobile phone venture between Sony and Ericsson.

“Sony Ericsson’s Website in Canada, which advertises its products, has been hacked, affecting 2000 people,” a Sony spokesperson told AFP. “Their personal information was posted on a Website called The Hacker News. The information includes registered names, email addresses and encrypted passwords. But it does not include credit card information.”

“Sony Ericsson has disabled this e-commerce Website,” Sony detailed to IDG News. “We can confirm that this is a standalone website and it is not connected to Sony Ericsson servers.” For security, Sony has shut down the Canadian Sony Ericsson eShop page, which currently reads: “D’oh! The page you’re looking for has gone walkabout. Sorry.”

The news of the Canadian site attack comes just one day after Sony admitted hackers attacked on Tuesday the Sony BMG Greece website, where details of over 8,500 people were stolen. A Sony Music Entertainment page in Indonesia was also hacked at the weekend, but Sony believes not information was stolen.

More than 100 million account details were stolen from Sony last month in a cyber attack of the PlayStation Network, which has returned to normal operation in the U.S. and Europe, but not in Asia (after more than a month of downtime).

Sony doesn’t know yet whether the recent incidents have any link to the attacks on the PlayStation network. Sony hopes to fully restore the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services by the end of May, but the massive data breach is expected to cost the company at least $ 170 million.

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Is Your Company Data Secure? | Blackberry Hacks Are Here

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There’s a new route into your company’s secure data. It’s the Blackberry PDA. A hacking program has been developed which exploits the relationship between the Blackberry itself, a company’s internal server and the network connection to which both are attached. The hacking program works because the data tunnel between the Blackberry and the server is encrypted. Intrusions can’t be detected because the protective systems, such as firewalls, exist at the perimeter of the network. This begs the question of all business owners whose employees use a Blackberry: Is your company data secure?

The hacking technique is successful because there are very few companies equipped to detect and intrusion from the inside of the network. Another reason for hacking success is the fact that companies don’t see the Blackberry as a potential attack vector. The Blackberry is not your normal handheld device. It’s a continuously running code machine that’s always on and always connected to your internal network. It has constant direct access to whatever you give it access to and most company structures allow complete access to the internal network for their employees who use Blackberries.

BBProxy is the name of the Blackberry hacking program. It can be loaded on the Blackberry either physically or via e-mail as a Trojan horse. Once loaded, the Blackberry will call back to the hacker’s system and open communication channels between the hacker and the internal network of the company. This process runs in the background behind the safety of the company’s firewall scanning for hosts with vulnerabilities in security and is generally undetected.

Recently, an ad on eBay sold a Blackberry “AS IS” for approximately $15.00. While the device didn’t come with a cable, synching station, software or manual, it did come with something far more valuable. This Blackberry came with a stockpile of corporate data all there for anyone to read as soon as the device was turned on. Many employees are insufficiently trained concerning security issues for the electronic devices they use on a daily basis.

Company data is stored as attachements on a server, rather than the Blackberry itself, so if a device is ever lost or misplaced someone could easily read sensitive documents. The Blackberry lacks encryption capabilities and relies instead on users locking the device with a password. Unfortunately, anyone with hacking abilities could discover the password and let themselves into the network.

The beauty of the Blackberry is that it’s a do it yourself type of device. It basically allows you to take your office with you wherever you go and not be caught unprepared or without the correct documents of a given meeting. However, for individuals and companies who handle and funnel much of their business dealings through these wonderfully useful devices,both internal and external server security must be taken into account.