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Is Nokia e90 a good phone if all I need is media? What about Sony Eric

OK, so, wanna buy a new phone, I have Sony Ericsson w810i and I love it, it is just, it has so little space for message storing, I want more integrated memory for SMS and pics, also music. So, what should I buy: Nokia e90, Sony Ericsson w910 or Nokia n95 8GB?Content by Angel Ponsel

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Sony Ericsson W850i – Extolling Stuff

Posted by admin | Posted in Cell Phones & Plans | Posted on 11-08-2010

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Earlier in the nineties, it was the Walkman music player, which created a huge buzz around the world for music buffs and all the music lovers were craving for it. Though, time changes quite fast in the world of digital gadgets, but passion for music remains same. If a Sony Walkman music player was the big hit in the last decade, then the present time is swayed away by the Sony Ericsson’s hugely acclaimed Walkman music phone series. Really, its like dream coming true for the music lovers, who just love to lost in the ecstatic world of music – what more would you ask for?, when you got all your favourite stuff in your very own mobile phone. Merging the best of music features, the Sony Ericsson Walkman series is here to stay for a long time, until or unless something more sophisticated and advanced moves forth.

The Sony Ericsson W850i is a proud member of the Walkman mobile phone series, which has been in great demand these days. All the Walkman series phones are too good in offering music, but they all are somewhat different from each other with some other exciting features. The Sony Ericsson W850i is designed keenly, as it comes in a trendy slider design to emerge as a perfect blend of music and exquisite designing. Staying at par with other popular Sony Ericsson Walkman phones, the handset is quite capable to play reverberating music – all set to take your breath away. Besides offering loads of music, the Sony Ericsson W850i also comes with a host of other substantial features including 3G technology, imaging functionalities and lots more.

As far as navigation is concerned, the Sony Ericsson W850i does not offer more and leaves you asking for something innovative, as it follows its predecessor the Sony Ericsson W810i. However, while creating a substantial space other things are not ignored and the Sony Ericsson W850i comes with a big vibrant colour display, which gives you a satisfactory viewing experience while viewing videos, images or when you play games. To hoard all your favourite music, you can easily transfer it all from your personal computer, as per your preferences and music interests. Its 1GB memory stick Pro Duo is capable to hold more than 1000 tracks. So, play it more often and play it loud with your Sony Ericsson W850i.

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