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Where do I have to put the games I downloaded for a Sony Ericsson K770

So I downloaded some games for my brother’s Sony Ericsson K770i but I dunno where to put them…I know where to put themes, music, pics etc.They have own folders but there’s no folder for games or apps. Do I need a program like for the iPhone (WinSCP) to see all folders or something...

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iNcido Brand BlackBerry Torch 9800 Rubber Black Cover Protective Case Faceplate Cover

Posted by admin | Posted in Blackberry | Posted on 26-12-2010

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Product Description
Product Details Protect your BlackBerry Torch 9800 with style Protector Case. Provides ultimate protection from scratches and its perfect mold keeps the phone trim and trendy. Reinforced with hard plastic to the sides to ensure the durability of the case. Precise openings on the protector case to allow access to all controls and features on the phone. Packed in high quality poly bag packing. Suitable for BlackBerry Torch 9800. The packing is subject to c… More >>

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